sculptural and functional ceramics

Lenore Lampi

about me

I am pleased to mention that the word “whimsical” has been used to describe this series of work. In the beginning I was hand-building sculptural forms which resembled firewood. The evolution to more functional pieces occurred after I was exposed to porcelain clay and started to use my knowledge of wheel throwing technique. I am continually fascinated with the sculptural aspect of birch trees. A friend from China dubbed the series, “tree skin”. Indeed, there is a case for metaphor with the skin of the tree and ours. All designs are subject to copyright.

These pieces are wheel thrown, incised, and altered by adding, subtracting and carving. After two years of experimentation with cone 6 clay bodies, glazes, terra sigillata and firing, newer pieces reflect the metamorphosis.

Proximity to learning institutions both in Duluth, MN and Baltimore MD have provided a rich source of motivation and inspiration from other artists.  Fortune has come by way of opportunities for presenting workshops in Argentina and Minnesota.

Lake Superior is a joy, as witnessed in the background image, my home and studio own this view.