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big bling series

artist statement | 09.25.18

lenore rae lampi

My latest sculptural series, Big Bling, is a seamless transition from my past series’ reflection of the undulating movement in ribbons of bark. Both series’ claim inference to lush folds, twists and forces of physics in natural forms and textiles. Both use clay as the starting point.

In stark contrast to past work the new series explores the notion of adornment of the affordable kind. Ribbons, bows, and streamers in an historical context may evoke feelings of nostalgia, kitsch, and pomp. Allow me to reference Pop Art to describe the work, with the intention to monumentalize these humble objects.

sculptural and functional ceramics

traditional lenore lampi

Fifteen years ago I was lucky to stumble upon what is now my traditional birch bark motif series. With gratitude, the series is still well received and flourishing in trusted gallery associations.

about me

The possibilities with form, movement and poignancy lend a fluidity to the work. While the artist likes the notion that the work appeals for reasons of design eloquence, the subject matter can reflect poignant memories, notions of strength, endurance and subtlety.